All about the ‘swagga’

Paul Johnson

Photo By Sergy El-Morshedy

Paul Johnson is a firm believer that personal style is truly dynamic. He has always admired those who take the path less traveled when it comes to fashion, music and art. And if you saw him walking down the street, it wouldn’t be hard to tell. Johnson admittedly approaches people—strangers—he comes in contact with every day who strike him as possessing a strong sense of personal style. “Swagga” he calls it. In fact, that is the way he found all of the models for the fashion show he is putting on at the Children’s Park Friday (July 11). Aptly titled “OMG (oh my God) It’s a Fashion Show!”, the event will highlight what Johnson believes are the best styles of fashion and music and entertainment Chico has to offer.

Why did you decide to put this fashion show together?

I feel like there needs to be more opportunities for people to kick back and also blend with different groups and get to know people. It will give people of all ages and demographics a chance to be a part of something cool and appealing. At the same time, I wanted to showcase this town’s best styles. All of our models are actually bringing their own outfits to wear in the show. And besides, everyone wants to go to an event where they can dress fly.

So what is the focus of your company, PJ Swagga Productions?

To enhance the community of Chico. Basically, I want to do everything—fashion, music, performances, art and more—and I am. I am a musician myself and I’m in the process of starting multiple clothing lines of anything from baby clothes to urban apparel. These days, you can’t be a “one-trick pony.”

Tell me about the state of “swagga” in Chico.

I feel like people are too comfortable with the way things are in Chico, especially with music and events around town. People want something fresh, new and exciting. Chico hasn’t really provided this. Things need to change. Chico has a lot to offer; it’s just a matter of organizing it.

Let’s say I’ve never heard about PJ Swagga Productions and I decided to check out the fashion show. What kind of an experience would I expect to have?

You would be surrounding yourself with the best of what Chico has to offer. I really feel like going to the show will be a great way to meet people you might not think you would. We’ve also got what I feel are some of the best deejays spinning during the show, and performances by some really talented R&B and hip-hop artists.