A warning to drug users

Injected black tar heroin under investigation

The Butte County Public Health Department issued a warning last week about a local case of botulism likely originating from black tar heroin. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that wound botulism in heroin is an ongoing concern, and drug users should take notice of the recent incident and use the warning to seek help. “Cooking” and safe injection practices will not prevent the transmission of botulism. The illness attacks the nerves and can lead to respiratory problems and death. Butte County Behavioral Health crisis lines are open all day, every day. Call 891-2810 or 800-334-6622 for help.

On the good-news front, Chico police have been issued 41 Naloxone kits to reverse opioid overdose. In 2017, Butte County first responders administered the drug to 191 patients.