Issue: December 20, 2018

This week, SN&R’s annual Grinch issue features 25 examples from 2018, one for each day leading up to Christmas. See if you agree with the list.

In News, Raheem F. Hosseini follows up his exclusive look at 70-plus hours of video released by Sacramento police by focusing on what the footage says about the war on drugs. Also, Scott Thomas Anderson reports on the latest group of immigrants targeted by ICE for possible deportation.

In Arts, Rachel Mayfield explores Sacramento’s film scene and asks whether it will ever become a movie industry. Mozes Zarate previews a very unconventional holiday event at the Red Museum. In Drink, find out about a new trend that its purveyors say could rival craft beer in Sacramento.

The 15 Minutes conversation this week is with the author of Gritty Girls. Finally, there’s a guest essay on the city’s plans for a sewer “vault” under McKinley Park in East Sacramento.

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