Issue: April 26, 2012

No one likes Facebook’s Timeline, but everyone loves a good Maloof-Kings-Mayor Kevin Johnson, arena-deal timeline. Nick Miller lays out the give-and-take of the proposed downtown-arena deal that wasn’t, isn’t—but still just might be? Also this week: Raheem F. Hosseini spends time at the embattled Southside Park clubhouse, Miller reports on an environmental lawsuit challenging Sen. Pro Tem Darrel Steinberg’s AEG companion bill (that could have saved the Kings arena), and Kat Kerlin braves the spear factor at a local asparagus field.

In this week’s feature, contributor Fred Branfman reflects—in an open letter to best friend Ralph Brave, a former SN&R writer and editor who died in 2007—on the legacy the baby boomer generation is passing on to the young. From the climate crisis to lowered living standards and rising need, to a failed foreign policy, to threats to democracy, Branfman herein explores the feats and failures of two generations with a friend he finds hard to let go.

The Arts&Culture section features a preview of the much-loved Oak Park Farmers Market, which kicks off in a week; contributor Guphy Gustaphson takes readers for a walk through the neighborhood. Also this week: Kel Munger is on-the-spot at SkeptiCal 2012 in Scene&Heard, Jonathan Mendick oils his chain for May is Bike Month, Greg Lucas enjoys the Thai salads at Siam Restaurant, Nick Miller chats with on-the-roadsters Musical Charis, Jim Carnes previews the new production at Red Bucket Dance Theatre, and Shoka quizzes husband-wife quilters.

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