Though blind hatred of the Bronx Bombers may be an East Coast phenomenon, specifically centered around the Kenmore Square area of Boston, the monolithic organization that is the New York Yankees—i.e., the Republican National Committee of baseball teams—inspires haters everywhere. And if you’re a Yankee hater who’s looking for a way to go public with your anti-pinstripe vitriol, this site has the swag, from T-shirts (“A-Rod Is an A-Hole” and “Take Your 26 Rings and Shove ’Em Up Your Ass!”) to similarly themed bumper stickers. With the prominent use of red and navy blue, most of this merch is geared toward pissed-off Red Sox fans, but the site is branching out to serve Orioles, Mariners and A’s fans, with new swag in those teams’ colors. If you’re not a fan, this’ll seem totally stupid. Makes sense to me!