Landover Baptist Church

At a time when certain fundamentalist Christians are all agog over some people getting married in San Francisco and are pushing their theocratic agenda harder than ever, perhaps a little sacrilege is in order. This parody Web site will church you good, it’s so chock-full of great content. For example, there’s a downloadable flier to a special $125-a- popcorn-bucket premiere of Mel Gibson’s new crucifixion epic, good for printing and nailing on the doors of the unsaved. For the kids, there’s an “Accept Christ, Get a Free PlayStation 2!” promotion with a modified Tony Hawk “Team Jesus” skateboard game. And there are plenty of laughable slaps at the kind of neoconservative Bible beating currently popular inside the Beltway. Some parodies here get too close for comfort, similar to those on The Onion.