Fetish of Woman’s Fart


Not sure if this crudely designed Web site is the work of American college-age pranksters or a genuinely twisted look into the mind of a Japanese fetishist who gets off on women breaking wind. The text on the site is such an over-the-top example of “Jingrish,” that fractured train wreck of mangled English found in Japanese advertisements and other pop-culture items, that it provides a good laugh for connoisseurs of the genre. “Most of all women hardly farts in public usually,” the text reads. “So do you want to watch, to listen woman’s farts don’t you??” Links to promised video footage don’t pan out, but a number of video titles—Fart Woman 29, Girls Be Farting—are offered for sale for ridiculous sums, and women with “loud and smelly farts” are encouraged to contact the site’s creator.