RIAA Radar


It’s too late to write about the hilarious Web site at www.whatacrappypresent.com, which advised parents not to buy their kids those pre-recorded CDs for the holidays. But one of the sites linked to that one may be handy, especially for anyone upset by trade group the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and its ongoing pursuit of downloaders. RIAA Radar is a search engine; simply type the name of a recording act or record label into the box and click “Go!” and the site will tell you which CDs were released by RIAA-member labels and which ones weren’t. Now, we’re not advocating a position either way; we’re merely stating that if this sort of information is important to you, here’s a place to find out who’s who. Hey, some of you may want to buy only CDs released on RIAA-compliant labels, right?