I Love Karl Rove


A satirical (we hope) day-by-day diary of eroto-maniacal ravings about the president’s chief of staff and political mastermind, this blog by self-described “Rove ho” Virginia Wade is a true test of the gag reflex. She includes altered photos of herself in Karl Rove’s company—the one in Paris is a hoot—in which she looks decidedly loony, and she includes detailed stories of their imaginary escapades. She also suggests that Rove’s boss is trying to come between them. Her commentary on the “Democratic Candidate Humpability,” in which the contenders to challenge Bush next year are compared unfavorably to the object of her obsession, is an exercise in gross-out. Then there are the Rove-decorated thong panties she has for sale, which you’d really need “Rove colored glasses” to appreciate.