Women take the wheel

“Cornucopia 03-III” by Etsuko Tashima, stoneware and glass, 2003.

“Cornucopia 03-III” by Etsuko Tashima, stoneware and glass, 2003.

Photo courtesy of International Arts and Artists

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During the last century, women have gained recognition and have become masters in fields once dominated by men: engineering, politics, bodybuilding.

In the industry of Japanese ceramics, the story is all too familiar. For centuries, women aided husbands and fathers in the pottery profession, but were never allowed to get their hands dirty. Following World War II, women sought to take over the pottery wheel and create their own ceramic masterpieces, which sometimes led to disassociation from traditional family members.

Crocker Art Museum’s latest exhibit, Soaring Voices: Contemporary Japanese Women Ceramic Artists, displays the courage, determination and artistic vision of 25 leading female Japanese ceramists. The traveling exhibit features an installation piece and more than 80 vessels and sculptures by artists such as Takako Araki and Kyo Tsuji.

For those aching for a more intimate view of the exhibit, check out the Form vs. Function tours in September, which will help people compare the Soaring Voices exhibit with pieces from the museum’s collection. There also will be an adult clay workshop on Saturday, August 15, from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Registration is required for the workshop.