Warning: Meat kills you back

Everybody at this point knows that frequently sipping on soda increases the likelihood for developing diabetes, obesity and heart disease, right? In case you forget in the checkout line, Sen. Bill Monning recently introduced Senate Bill 1000, which would require putting safety warnings on sugary drinks. But then, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was like, “Hold up, yo!” (Not an actual quote.) The organization is encouraging Monning to also get behind a warning on meat products, since meat has been attributed to many of the same health disasters: heart disease, obesity and even cancer. Then, last week, The Guardian reported that the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found: “High levels of dietary animal protein [meat, eggs, milk and cheese] in people under 65 years of age was linked to a fourfold increase in their risk of death from cancer or diabetes.” Hold up, yo!