Advanced-level spiciness

One little peanut, coated, fried and spiced, just might kick your ass. This is Mirch Masala's peanut bhujia, an Indian snack food. At first, it's jarringly sour, then, immediately, the sensation is followed with a bold, scathingly spicy heat that lingers. It's like licking the wall next to the stove at an Indian restaurant, but not in an unpleasant way, actually. The unique sourness comes from asafetida powder, which is made from the roots of fennel-like plants, and is purported to aid in solving colon and digestion problems. For those who aren't ready for Mirch's advanced-level spiciness, Halidram’s Nut Crackers are colorfully flavored, but miles more mellow. Suggestion: Mix both up in a bowl, you hungry hippo. India Bazar at 404 E. Bidwell Street in Folsom has both bags of peanuts, plus dozens of other adventures in vegan snacking.