Duke Ellington is vegan

Like it or not, Bundt cakes are a current dessert trend. The crateral dome-shaped baked goods may elicit ’70s-style after-dinner-treat nostalgia, but these days, they’ve found a foothold in the 21st century: There’s even a Bundt-cake-only bakery national franchise. And it has a location in Sacramento. None of its cakes seem to be vegan, though. However, it’s got some competition in Sacramento-based Spirit of Jazz Cakes, which also only does Bundt, but it bakes a vegan one, too. Of its several flavors, which all contain liquor and are all named after a jazz legend, just The Duke Ellington (banana rum) is dairy- and egg-free. Entire cakes can be ordered (via Facebook), or get a slice of the spirit for $2.50 at Queen Sheba Restaurant, you know, the Ethiopian eatery at 1704 Broadway that shows the best music videos in town and has been offering a vegetarian and vegan lunch buffet for years?