Green aliens

Ever walk by a stand at the farmers market with a pile of gorgeous greens on it that are foreign to you? What are they called? How do they taste? How are they supposed to be prepared? Usually, vendors will provide insight to these questions, but for a more thorough compendium of such knowledge, The Complete Leafy Greens Cookbook by Susan Sampson (Robert Rose, $27.95) is a helpful guide to educate oneself for encountering edible, verdant aliens. It boasts 67 leafy greens and 250 recipes—most of which are also vegan friendly, like the intriguing Savory Peach and Scapes Soup, and the Balsamic Roasted Fiddleheads. Each green includes notes about its taste and nutritional content, storing and preparation tips, and lovely photographs. So never toss out those kohlrabi leaves again!