Spy vs. desk job

Last week in this space, The V Word shared a link to some disturbing footage taken at a foie gras farm by an undercover investigator from Mercy for Animals (see “Duck tales, boohoo,” November 7). The nonprofit animal-welfare organization is advertising it's hiring more investigators with hearts of gold and nerves of steel to expose and prevent animal cruelty at factory farms. Those hired would be real-life spies, but this difficult position isn't for everyone. Apply for it at www.mercyforanimals.org, or for more conventional employment at vegan and environmentally minded companies, visit the It’s Easy Being Vegan Resources page at www.itseasybeingvegan.com. Risk life and limb at a factory farm, or tuck those limbs in behind a desk to do paperwork for organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Either way, it makes a difference.