Popping up

Chef Michael Thiemann's résumé can get a foodie's mouth salivating: He's worked in the kitchens of San Francisco's Wayfare Tavern and downtown's Ella Dining Room & Bar. However, the latter's bone-marrow and brown-butter laden menu could leave a vegan diner a bit hungry for more options. But Thiemann is planning on opening two new ventures downtown on K Street, one of which is called Mother, a vegetarian restaurant (hopefully with plenty of vegan options, eh?). For now, there's a Mother pop-up restaurant Old Ironsides (1901 10th Street) starting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday nights. And, if you don't have epilepsy, watch the seizure-enducing promo videos featuring the pop-up's menu—kiwi-coconut-lemongrass tapioca, cool-ranch kale chips—at Ryan Donahue's YouTube channel (who's on the Mother team, and full disclosure, a contributing photographer to SN&R).