Fat Tuesday buffet

I am always in the mood for South Indian food. So, my empty stomach was pleased to explore a newish spot called Peacock Indian Restaurants in Folsom (1870 Prairie City Road, Suite 500). It’s a Bay Area franchise with stores in Fair Oaks and West Sacramento, but for the hollowest, most desperately growling guts, Tuesday evening is recommended for dining, for it is the vegetarian buffet night, which includes an in-dining-room griddle for made-to-order dosas. It’s a cost-effective way (6,200 rupees) to sample many items—or to binge eat—of course. Some of the standouts were menu staples: the gently searing chana masala and the lovely, thick sambar. So far, it’s the closest spread in the area to the dearly departed Udupi Cafe. Oh, how this (obsessed) stomach misses that place so.