Roll the soup dice

Come nightfall, downtown's Shine cafe becomes a cozy music venue. But the rest of the day it focuses on offering fodder for one’s mouth. The menu items are basically typical cafe fare—pastries, sandwiches, salads, soup—but what’s great is that most are vegan friendly, like the grilled-cheese sandwich made with Daiya jalapeño-garlic “cheese.” And the soup of the day, provided by Sugar Plum Vegan, whose baked goods are also sold there, is a delicious bet. Don’t pass up the seasonal favorite carrot curry flavor: To say it was colorfully spiced is like saying Rainbow Brite wears neutral tones. Chunks of sweet potato and carrot in the coconut-milk creamy concoction is so worth $3.50 (for 8 ounces, plus grilled bread; the 16-ounce bowl is $5). Or maybe the West African peanut flavor will be offered the day you go? Roll the soup dice at 1400 E Street.