The V Word: Fulfill mint

Illustration by Hayley Doshay

Would Jamie Oliver approve of Rau’s raw cacao chocolate-mint drink? Why not—the English celebrity chef and food activist is famously against children chugging chocolate-flavored milk because it contains more sugar than soda. Rau, however, has zero grams of sugar per serving, and no dairy. It comes in plain chocolate, too, but the mint version is as refreshing as your racist uncle not slipping any slurs at the next family get-together. But since it's cacao, it's strong, so it might be a hard sell for some kiddie palates. Perhaps an easier-to-swallow mint-chocolate concoction is Emmy’s Organics Mint Chip Macaroons. They are also raw and vegan like the Rau drink, and one of these decadent coconut cookies only has 5 grams of sugar. Surely, Mr. Oliver would approve of these, too.