The hump in the front

Illustration by TK

Camels are awesome, but those “Hump Day” commercials? Come on, Geico. Wednesdays aren't for the humps on some majestic desert animal's back, but for the hump on a human's front—as in his gut—after visiting the vegetarian lunch buffet at Ruchi Indian Cuisine. This special buffet is available only at Ruchi's second location in Natomas at 2600 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 100 (Ruchi's original location is at 601 E. Bidwell Street in Folsom). A recent visit proved that the quality of food, which includes North and South Indian fare, was deliciously upstanding, and the pleasantly spicy sambar stood out. And, yes, Ruchi has dosas, as if the veg buffet wasn't enough cause to rejoice—and fill out a nice gut hump!