Cultured romance

It's white, delicately creamy and sweet. No, that is not a description of a heroine's heaving bosom in a romance novel, but rather it's So Delicious' Cultured Coconut Milk. The certified organic, kosher, gluten-free and vegan yogurt facsimile also possesses a pleasant, gentle tartness (also like a Harlequin maid, perhaps?). Although it comes in multiple flavors, the plain version won't disappoint. Plus, it can be used for making smoothies, among other things: So Delicious has a cache of dairy-free recipes on its website, plus coupons to sign up for ( Check the refrigerated section of Sprouts Farmers Market, Safeway or the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op (where, attention bargain shoppers, it is on sale until January 20) to begin a delicious cultured romance.