Nice chest message

A billboard on legs: That’s what people who wear T-shirts that have a brand or saying emblazoned across the chest often look like. And for those intrepid souls who wear ones that say “Go vegan” in bold text, well, they might be met with the reaction “Go, vegan. Leave!” But humorous heart-on-your-sleeve-slash-ethics-on-your-chest shirts could be a more welcoming way to get the message across, such as with the “Yes vegans can eat their own boogers” or the “Vegans are annoying: Just like seat belts, ambulances and other things that save lives” shirts from Zazzle. Even better are lovely drawings of a bison, elephant or a cute piglet from Veganese ( Veganese has plenty of wordy designs that don’t contain the V-word, but if anyone walks down the street with its “Yes you can live without cheese” design, call me and let me know how that goes.