Things men love

Hello, men. How would you feel if some dude placed a tight band around your scrotum? He’d leave it there until the blood supply ran so low that your testes die and fall off—and no, silly goose, you don’t get any pain medication. This isn’t the script to Saw XVIII, just a description of a standard method of castrating sheep. There is a similar practice done to amputate lamb tails, too, called docking—that’s right, sheep have long tails—and both are removed usually without anesthesia. According to sheep specialist Susan Schoenian at the University of Maryland’s Western Maryland Research & Education Center, “Scientists are in agreement that all methods of docking and castration cause pain and distress to the lamb.” Does that mean you’ll feel a crushing pressure on your scrotum every time you bite into a piece of lamb or decide to buy a wool sweater? Hmm. I wonder.