The V Word: Field of cheesy dreams

Illustration by hayley doshay

The purveyors of quite possibly the richest vegan meat products just made some ex-cheese-monger dreams come true with its line of faux cheeses. It's called Chao, produced by Field Roast, and it is brand-spanking new as of January. Are the thin, square, easy-to-melt slices of Chao just as savory and rich as the company's grain-based “meats”? Affirmative. And, unlike some other vegan cheeses, this can be eaten out of the package, unmelted, without thinking you've made a dire mistake. Pairing Chao and Field Roast's grain meat in one meal, however, may feel hearty enough to befit a cowhide-waving omnivore. There are three flavors to build that next epic sandwich with—Coconut Herb, Creamy Original and Tomato Cayenne (they are available at Whole Foods Markets). Vegans and cowhide-wavers alike, they will come … to eat it.