The Sea and Cake

One Bedroom

It takes almost three minutes of the opening track, “Four Corners,” for the dreamy voice of singer Sam Prekop to come in. Until then, this Chicago-based “post-rock” ensemble’s forward propulsion of hyperactive machine-tooled rhythms, peripatetic bass, chiming guitar and clarion-calling synths sounds like a perfect soundtrack to launch a new high-line German sedan: Jawohl! Ve are now schussing through ze esses! Prekop’s voice floats cloudlike over the instrumental bed, which is closer to North American techno-tropicalia than Midwestern meat and potatoes. Or, in DaimlerChrysler terms, it’s more E-class Mercedes than Dodge Polara. Highlights include the refined funk of “Shoulder Length,” the lovely synth fanfare that closes the title track, and a top-notch cover of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision.” Whether you find this invigorating or boring depends upon your attitude toward industrial design.