The river wild

Who needs an ocean?

Who needs an ocean?

Sacramento has its California charms, but it is not a coastal city. We may not have Baywatch babes, surfers and sand castles, but we do have two major rivers; bustling marinas; and plenty of tan, sexy people in swimwear. And when it comes to frolicking in the water, Sacramento knows how to go for the splash.

We’re going to prove it at this weekend’s Bridge-to-Bridge Waterfront Festival. Nearly every activity associated with riverside fun happens this Saturday and Sunday in Old Sacramento (along with a few things that probably never occurred to you). Speedboats will drag-race along the Sacramento River. Coast Guard helicopters will perform daring water rescues. Wake boarders and water-skiers will bend the laws of gravity to show off their stunts. Jet Skis and wooden “crackerbox boats” also will take their turns on the raceway. And, just to keep it interesting, members of the Red Bull skydiving team will plummet out of airplanes and into the river three times a day!

As exciting as all that sounds, the Bridge-to-Bridge organizers recognize that not everyone needs to get in a river to enjoy it. For those of you whose favorite water sport is sitting on the grass with a cold beer and watching the river go by, there’s the Beer Garden Promenade. Live bands, including Beatles and Rolling Stones cover acts, will keep up the classic-rock current.

Admission is free for everyone. The river activities will flow from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturday, and from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Sunday. Visit or call (916) 808-7777 for a schedule of activities or more info.