The Kingdom of Loathing

Asymmetric Publications

Nerds circa 1995 cut their programming teeth on TI-83 graphing calculators in the back of their advanced mathematics classes. The Kingdom of Loathing takes us back to those days with its absurd romp through a text-based adventure of killer rabbits and 1-pound mosquito pets. A bird aptly named Toot Oriole (say it quickly to understand the humor here) explains the game and sets the tone for its surprisingly addictive quests. You’ll collect and trade items, run errands for odd characters and battle monsters. Don’t be surprised if this sounds like the popular World of Warcraft game; Kingdom could be the low-budget, nonsensical, adopted, bastard stick-figure cousin of WOW’s beautifully rendered online environment. If it all sounds stupid, that’s because it is. And that’s the point.