Marvel Legends

Action figures

Toy Biz

Since its inception in 2002, Marvel Legends has set the bar for quality when it comes to mass-produced action figures. Now, with its 11th series, Toy Biz has produced a line of eight figures that highlight why this group has become so popular. The towering Hulk Buster Iron Man nicely juxtaposes the smaller Scarlet Witch figure; Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine, and Vengeance both come with detailed motorcycles. Fan favorites Wonder Man and the Taskmaster add nice flavor to a series that sometimes seems too reliant on variations of the big-name heroes. While Ultron is probably the weakest figure in the lot, the 1st Appearance Thing is near-perfect, with a wonderful paint job, a hefty weight and a realistically articulated neck. Incredible toys for all of us true believers!