Knock Knock

The slang flashcard sets and holiday cards on offer here can help “unhip bustas” communicate in the modern world. The 5-by-7-inch laminated flashcards feature old-school clip-art-like graphics of square-looking white folks trying out their new vocabulary, helpfully illustrating the definitions of words like “played” (defined as outmoded or overused, as in “The salad bar was straight played in the 1980s”) and “bounce” (to leave or depart, as in “Yo, lil’ dawg, daddy’s got to bounce”). At $13.95 for a pack of 58-60 cards, you’ll get great stocking stuffers without spending “mad cheddar.” Knock Knock’s line of slang holiday cards is rather limited—there are only a few options—but still funnier than most of the crap you’ll see peddled in greeting-card stores. For $13.95, you can wish 12 people a bangin’ New Year or off-the-hook yuletide.