Modus Operandi Publishing

See, there’s this happy polar bear in a field of mushrooms, and then he cuts his stomach open, and a bomb falls out, and he gets bitten in half by this butterfly monster, and there’s this half-woman that the now half-bear procreates with, and then … Oh, what’s the use? After diligent study of Hugs:thoughtlead, a new abstract, wordless comic by Las Vegas-based artist Michael Ogilvie, we’ve concluded that it is either a deep meditation on the emotional scars that lead us to make bad relationship choices and pass our issues on to our children or simply a bizarre picture book that invites such schmaltzy analysis when we’re intoxicated. If either option floats your boat, find it at A-1 Comics or Broadway Comics & Cards or half-buried in your subconscious at 4 a.m. on some lonely night. Hugs!