The new awareness bracelets

It was only a matter of time until capitalism perverted the awareness-bracelet craze. Hurricane Katrina, AIDS and breast cancer now must share arm space with all forms of parody and debauchery. Scott Kurtz, the creator of the Web comic PvP, has officially recognized those suffering from “video game dominance deficiency disorder” with his computer-lingo inspired “PWNED” (best translation: perfectly owned) bracelet. For the more risqué-inclined, now you can flaunt your limitless libido by proudly flashing a “SWINGER” bracelet, complete with pornographic stick figures forming each letter—and also forming some positions that might make Kama Sutra readers blush. Sure, some may take offense, but don’t people who suck at Halo 2 or still live a ’70s lifestyle deserve awareness and compassion also?