Juice Bags

Solar-powered backpacks


This up-and-coming manufacturer of solar technology for regular folks has a hit with its Juice Bags. A backpack from durable material that uses lightweight solar panels to charge your cell phone, iPod or other electronic goodies while you’re out and about? What an incredibly great idea! It uses a plain old car-charger adapter to ramp up the battery on any 12-volt electronic equipment you’ve got. The Juice Bag can be outside anytime a person would be, is safe in the rain (though it does need to be dried out before use) and can even do some charging on cloudy days. Yeah, the Juice Bag’s a little pricey, but what’s it worth to live sustainably? Here in sunny old Sacto, this ought to be charging all the time. Keep an eye on the folks at Reware; they’re working on even more useful stuff.