Arrested Development

Friday, 8 p.m. on Fox.

Arrested Development, one of the funniest sitcoms in the history of entertainment, leaves TV on February 10 with a two-hour, four-episodes-crammed-together blowout. Let’s reflect on the good times. Arrested’s humor had it all, from the subtly highbrow (Ron Howard produced and narrated the show, which featured Henry “Fonz” Winkler as the family lawyer until he was replaced by Scott “Chachi” Baio) to the refreshingly crude lowbrow (David Cross’ Tobias Funke character on his medical practice: “I became the world’s first combination analyst and therapist—an analrapist”). Arrest in peace, friend. Unless, of course, a different network picks you up. But until then, all we’ll have left are your sidesplitting DVD collections. Don’t miss a last glimpse of true new-TV greatness this Friday night.