The gift of soul and sweet pits

Illustration By Serene Lusano

Fa la la la la, it's vegan gift-giving time. A cookbook may seem like a tired idea, but what if it's a vegan soul food book? Bryant Terry’s Vegan Soul Kitchen has healthy Southern-style recipes that even soul-food-loving omnivores would greenlight gobbling, such as banana-maple cornbread muffins; carrot-cayenne coleslaw; and tempeh, shiitake mushroom and cornmeal dumpling stew among many others—which maybe your giftee will make for you. See? You win, too. A nonfood idea is Schmidt’s Deodorant. It doesn’t include aluminum, which is linked to causing cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, but most importantly, this natural, vegan, cruelty-free stuff actually works at stopping stankiness. I’ve converted a few people who used conventional antiperspirants and other natural deodorants to Schmidt’s, and never have I seen such enthusiasm for deodorant. Get it at Expect to hear words like “game-changer” and “changed my life”—and not to smell stanky pits. You win again.