The Bard, anew

We love us some Shakespeare here at Curtain Call, especially when someone gives ol’ Will a fresh makeover. And “the Scottish play” is certainly one of our favorite plays, what with ambition, politics, corruption (are the elections really over?) and murder. So we were delighted—and still rave about—the Sacramento Shakespeare Festival’s staging some years back, when Macbeth was set in samurai Japan, complete with Noh elements and a set that looked like a taiko drum. Still, that was a while ago, so imagine our delight at hearing through the grapevine (and confirming) that Resurrection Theatre has cast its February production of Macbeth, and it’s going with some strong female leads. That’s right, Macbeth is a woman—and so is Lady Macbeth, who in this version, will be Macbeth’s scheming, ambitious mother rather than a scheming, ambitious wife. Put it on your calendars, because the Bard would’ve loved a little more gender-bending.