Curtains, Artistic Differences

It was a very sad thing indeed to receive the most recent press release from the rowdy crew at Artistic Differences, which announced that the edgy, pop-rock oriented troupe was closing its doors. Here at Curtain Call, we tend to pout when we’re disappointed, and there’s a lot of pouting going on. OK, so they did have a great run. Whether it was the hippie-dippy retro Hair (complete with full-frontal you-know-what), the broken-hearted Bare, the mind-bending See What I Wanna See, the gun-smokin’ Assassins or the happily-tokin’ Reefer Madness—well, we could (and have) go on. And they earned their ravin’ Willies, too. But silly things like graduate school, jobs, impending marriage and life have lured them away. All right, that’s not completely true; we will regularly see some of the troupe in other local shows (but our abandonment issues demand a few tears). Artistic Differences, this curtain call is for you—and it’s a standing ovation.