Cabaret upgrades

The Cosmopolitan Cabaret

1000 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 557-1999

Regular readers of this column will note that I’ve long criticized the Cosmopolitan Cabaret for excessively long runs that discourage repeat business, lack of drink service during shows and programming choices more suited for the “greatest generation” than their grandchildren. Since the criticism’s been so vocal, it’s only fair to note that problems one and two appear to be solved. The shows are now scheduled for extended runs rather than lasting as long as an ice age, and a recent visit to see Suds (reviewed by SN&R contributor Amber Amey) found servers busily at work during the show. While I enjoyed Suds thoroughly (I like oldies and, well, I’m obsessed with Nanci Zoppi), the only thing left to gripe about is programming aimed at the over-50 crowd. Sorry, still a lot of gray hairs there—including mine—and I had to explain the Corvair jokes to the under-30 crowd. But Cosmopolitan Cabaret has made a couple of big leaps in the right direction, and it’s worth a cheer or two.