Tea cozy

Fall is approaching, and with it cozy afternoons around the teapot. I asked Cheryl Steuck, owner of Treasured Tea Time (3214 Riverside Boulevard), for tips on brewing the perfect cuppa:

“Let the leaves loose in the pot; it’s easier to contain them in a sack or some kind of infuser, but you don’t get the true flavor when they’re bunched up. … Worry about cleaning up the mess later.

“Brewing tea is very simple; just pour fresh boiled water into the pot with the tea leaves inside, let it sit for about four minutes and give it a stir. We let it sit for another minute or two before we pour. That’s for a traditional black loose-leaf tea.

“We use electric kettles and keep them going, starting off with cold water for each pot; when the water sits at the same temperature, it changes the taste of the tea.”