Peanut gallery

Got a food obsession? I asked Nick Strand of Davis—who writes The Peanut Butter Boy ( and eats peanut butter two to three times a day—about the most surprising ways he uses his favorite spread:

“The first unexpected use is stew. I found a recipe for khoresh fesenjan that called for ground nuts, but I used peanut butter for peanut butter and pomegranate stew with wonderful results!

“In baking, peanut butter doesn’t work as a 1-to-1 replacement for butter or oil, but my solution is just to add more. The craziest use is in baked peanut butter corn dog, certainly one of my strangest creations but also one of my favorites.

“I love Mexican food, but one thing missing is peanut butter. I’ve talked to several native Mexicans, and they never heard of peanut butter growing up. I modified a peanut butter chicken mole that is to die for. On the side? Peanut butter refried beans, of course!”