Faith Conley stays out of the kitchen

Is your kitchen a little warm these days? I asked Faith Conley—who writes the cooking blog I Pray to Gouda (, which offers dinner recipes and more—where she goes when it’s too hot to cook:

1. “Formoli’s Bistro (3260 J Street) is simply amazing—fresh, seasonal ingredients; the preparation is impeccable and the service makes me feel like it’s my neighborhood Cheers.”

2. “Breakfast doesn’t get much better than Evan’s Kitchen (855 57th Street, Suite C). Don’t expect fancy fare or ambience; just sit down in a plastic chair outside with the car exhaust whipping through your hair and take in what Evan has to offer. I recommend his country gravy.”

3. “Is Midtown/East Sac Taqueria (3754 J Street) the best Mexican food around? No. But their patio rocks for dog owners and beer drinkers, they’re open late, and I’m pretty sure they owe any first-year profits to me.”