Corti Brothers saved

When news of Corti Brothers possibly closing for good got out, the community was up in arms. Devon Ford of California Strategies headed a grassroots movement to keep the grocery store in its current location. Well, everything’s better now, but when the scare of losing a Sacramento culinary institution was at its peak, I asked Ford about the effort:

“Nowhere else in the region do you have such a collection of goods and knowledge as with Darrell Corti. Darrell is a leading expert on fantastic culinary delights, and he’s helped to educate the palate of Sacramento.

“Corti Brothers is not just brick and mortar; you’ve got a community leader, and to see that go away quietly in the night—­we can’t see that happen. [We’re] compelled to do whatever we can to keep this magnificent institution. All the local chefs are in a complete chorus about this, because they know how crucial he is to furthering culinary efforts in the region.”