Taste the rainbow

Mixed Vegetable Juice, Sunflower Drive-In

Tired: Eating plain, ordinary vegetables. Wired: Sucking the lifeblood from vegetables’ fibrous veins until they lose pigment, like the beloved vampiric rabbit, Bunnicula. Wait, you’re not a mysterious fictional rodent, and you don’t have a juicer? Sunflower Drive-In’s Mixed Vegetable Juice ($3.29 for a small) is a pretty good substitute. Served chilled, it’s a triple threat of freshly juiced celery, red cabbage and carrot, which gives it a sweet aftertaste. There’s also an option to add in any of the other juices from the menu, including apple, pineapple and orange. It’s a demonic lagomorph’s dream. 10344 Fair Oaks Boulevard, sunflowerdrivein.cafe.