Ape for apricot

King Ape With Apricot, King Cong Brewing Company

Illustration by TK

Few IPAs are as drinkable as King Cong Brewing Company’s King Ape With Apricot. A smooth, amber-colored New England-style triple IPA, the King Ape ($3 for a taste or $7 for a goblet) is both sweet and fizzy. But don’t let the lightness fool you. At 10.2 percent alcohol by volume, it’s no slouch and sure to tingle the back of your jaw and warm the pit of your stomach as it slowly lulls you into a slurred trance. The apricot notes are especially prominent, making this the lightest, most accessible triple IPA. It’s like drinking three IPAs at once, but instead of drowning in an IPA’s pungent hoppy-ness, the King Ape is light like a caffeinated tea. Drink enough and you’ll definitely ape out. 1709 Del Paso Boulevard, kingcongbrewing.com.—Jeremy Winslow