Chemistry in a cup

Blue Butterfly Lemondrop, Veg Cafe

Illustration by Kate Mitrano

Iridescent-pink unicorn blood swirls in a Martini glass, with pulpy bits suspended in the concoction. It could almost pass as trendy body mist—until you taste it. Then the Blue Butterfly Lemondrop ($9.50) tastes like a regular, scrummy lemon drop. It’s made with a subtle ginger syrup that avoids detection and color-changing blue butterfly tea-infused vodka that naturally reacts with acidic liquids (like lemon juice) by turning rosy. A petite, desiccated rose floats on the surface of the cocktail—irresistibly tempting. The questionably edible rose is crunchy, woody and dry. It takes some chewing to consume the blossom. SN&R advises consumers to appreciate the flower visually. 2431 J Street, 2nd Floor,