Tacos from a truck, uncompromised

Chad Novick, owner and chef of Bambi Vegan Tacos food truck, said he’s “not vegan at all.” In fact, no one on the Bambi team is vegan, including its other chef, Ruben Casteneda—but all the food is. Novick chose to serve only plant-based eats because, he says, “A lot of vegan food was a compromise.” He wanted to “strike the balance of fun and indulgence.” The truck launched less than two months ago, and he anticipates the menu to evolve, but it currently includes four tacos ($4-$6), some with housemade vegan beef, cauliflower chorizo, corn-fried eggplant and aquafaba-based crema. The Breakfast Taco is a mountain of veggies, potatoes, tofu-eggs and flavorful sauces. The Barbacoa Taquitos ($8) are three beautifully arranged taquitos with crema, slaw and guacamole—and everything is served on biodegradable palm leaf plates. Novick said Bambi will eventually offer dessert and aguas frescas, so start stalking the truck now at bambivegantacos.com and Instagram @bambivegantacos. —Shoka