Buffalo food

At Buffalo Pizza & Ice Cream, breakfast pizza didn’t mean a cold, stiff slice of cured-meat-pocked pie. For three decades, the take-away joint at 2600 21st Street has piled bacon and eggs as toppings. But now, under new ownership since 2015, it also has four vegan pizzas, with housemade almond-based cheeses and plant-based white and bleu cheese sauces. Co-owner Mai Linh Tompkins said she has been vegan for 18 years and developed Buffalo’s vegan cheese under the mentorship of Nacheez’s Isla Hess. The Vegan Breakfast Pizza is savory, with spinach, mushrooms and tofu scramble and smoky, white sauce. The other pies are the Hawaiian Cowgirl; The Vegan White; and the spicy Vegan Buffalo, Buffalo Pizza. Soy-based sausage and gluten-free crusts are available—and so is ice cream by the scoop or pint. “We’re aiming to have five to six vegan flavors at all times,” Tompkins said. Check Buffalo’s Facebook page for monthly vegan pop-ups.