The next big thing in your mouth

High five to Oba Japanese Kitchen in Oak Park for putting a vegan poke bowl and vegan sushi roll on the menu. In July 2017, the Business Insider called poke the “next big thing in fast food,” but the trend has likely hit its peak. No worries for now, because the Hawaiian deconstructed-sushi dish is perfect for the summer, since it’s served cool. Plus, Oba, which opened about a year ago at 4605 Broadway, the old Louie’s spot, has Japanese staples, including ramen and udon, plus other fusion items, like “Thai-style fired rice” (it’s probably a typo on the menu, but maybe it’s a style worth inventing). Herbivores can also order the vegetable ramen, vegetable yaki ramen or vegetable udon soup but must substitute the shoyu broth with miso. Heads up: The staff told me that the vegetable tempura is fried in the same oil as the shrimp, so put something else in your plant-based mouth.