Vegan meals on wheels

The Vegan Van isn’t really a van, “Not yet,” Ian Carty said, but that’s the goal. The self-taught chef started his catering service, aka Vegan Van 916, in January. The 34-year-old Sacramentan cooks and delivers veganized comfort foods such as lasagna, sweet potato pie and Buddha bowls—although he said his most popular dish is the Yease Feast: “Vegan stir-fry in peanut-butter sauce served over rice.” Carty said he went vegan in May 2017 after his wife, then pregnant with twins, had a major health event. “Actually, she died,” he said, but was revived; she and the babies are well now. Carty said his vegetarian parents tried to raise him meatless, but he rebelled. These days, he rebels against eating meat. He recently participated in the Great Sacramento Vegan Burger Battle, selling 75 burgers, and next, he’ll be at The Yisrael Family Farm on July 29, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. for a couples brunch event, where diners harvest ingredients on-site for Carty to cook.