Streamers to cap Resurrection’s 2012 season

Resurrection Theatre announced this week that the final show of its 2012 season will be the David Rabe drama Streamers, directed by Benjamin T. Ismail. Rabe’s play is a barracks-set war piece of the Vietnam era, where a group of soon-to-ship-out paratroopers work out their differences in a pre-Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell military and a ’60s culture with a much more homophobic view than we’ve come to take for granted. The title of the play comes from paratrooper slang for a parachute that fails to open: it’s a “streamer” trailing the falling soldier to his death. Perhaps it’s not just coincidence that the play’s October 26 through November 17, 2012, run falls over the Veterans Day holiday. For more information about tickets—including special prices for military members—visit Resurrection Theatre’s website,