Spiced so nice

Oaxacan Spice Hot Chocolate, Ginger Elizabeth

Illustration by analie Foland

It’s finally jacket weather, so I celebrated the change of season with a rousing chocolate drink from Ginger Elizabeth. Normally, a loyal patron of its delightfully bitter and smooth European sipping chocolate, on a whim I ordered the Oaxacan Spice Hot Chocolate (8 ounces, $4.50) topped with fresh whipped cream. At first sip, the cinnamon and vanilla bean aromatics awakened my senses. Subsequent sips revealed hints of chiles and ginger delicately elevating the 53 percent Valrhona chocolate and organic milk into a refined, worldly flavor both ambrosial and nostalgic. It took a whole cup before I realized what this delicious drink reminded me of: the prized center of a delectable, spice-laden cinnamon roll. 1801 L Street, Suite 60, gingerelizabeth.com.